Tanning Lotions
Why should you use a tanning lotion?
Professional indoor tanning lotions, like what we sell at Key West, contain ingredients to boost your tan and increase your melanin. Indoor tanning lotions work by allowing your pores to open, magnifying your U.V. exposure and protecting while moisturizing your skin. Indoor tanning lotion contains vitamins, natural oils, minerals, antioxidants, natural botanical extracts, and aloe vera to provide your skin with the extra moisture needed for a deep dark tan. Dry skin reflects U.V. rays for up to 50% of your session, so you can be wasting half of your sessions without a proper tanning lotion.
Accelerators increase the amount of melanin your skin naturally produces when exposed to U.V. rays. Accelerators are great for any tanner but especially for beginners! Accelerators will help you start your base tan.
Natural Bronzer
Natural bronzers enhance the tanning process by adding additional color to the skin thru immediate bronzers to establish a base tan. These are great for people looking to build a tan without the DHA, who don't yet have a dark base tan or are sensitive to DHA.
DHA Bronzer
dihydroxyacetone or dha is an amino acid from sugar cane. Dha is a delayed bronzer similar to a self tanner. When using a DHA bronzer you want to wait 3-6 hours after tanning to shower to allow your bronzer to develop. These are best for tanners with an existing base tan looking to really increase their color.
tingle lotions works by stimulating the melanin and supporting oxygen flow to the skin to provide the deepest, darkest tan. Tingle does what it says and makes the skin tingly and red. This effect is heat activated and can last for 2 hours after your tan. Tingles are only to be used by experienced tanners! Always test it by buying a packet if you've never tryed a Tingle.
The key to a long lasting tan is hydrated skin. So after you have used a great lotion in the bed you need to continue it outside of the bed. Using a high quality moisturizer will keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Plus making your natural tan last longer! Get the most out of your tan and invest in a high quality moisturizer.