Level 2-
Our level 2 beds have 32 100 watt bulbs in them, they also include facial bulbs.  The level 2 beds run up to 20 minutes per session.
Level 3-
Our level 3 bronzing bed has 42 120 watt bronzing bulbs, it also includes 3 400 watt high pressure facial bulbs. Our level 3 runs up to 15 minutes per session.
Level 5-
We have 2 different level 5 beds. We offer a laydown bed that has 52 200 watt bronzing and reflector bulbs. It also includes 4 400 watt high pressure facial bulbs, side tanners and 4 40 watt shoulder tanners. This bed has a max time of 10 minutes.
We also offer a level 5 stand up booth. This bed has 48 200 watt bronzer and reflector bulbs. This bed runs for a max time of 10 minutes.