Spray Tanning
Here at Key West we offer custom air-brush spray tanning in-salon or mobile for parties. We only use the best solution, Norvell. We have been spraying for over 10 years and our staff is highly trained. Get "right off the beach' color instantly!
Custom air brush spray tans provide a natural, even looking tan. the difference is with an airbrush, a technician sprays you vs a normal spray tan its a booth. This way you don't have to worry about it streaking or rubbing it in, plus you can have different areas sprayed more or less! Airbrushes typically last 7-10 days but can be more or less depending on lifestyle factors. good prep and after care will make your spray turn out better and last longer!
48 hours prior to appointment:
-any waxing appointments
16-24 hours prior to appointment:
-Shave and exfoliate (doing this too close to your appointment can cause pores to be too open and create a speckled effect by making the pores dark)
- Nail appointments (especially pedicures)
same day of appointment:
-shower and make sure skin is free of all oils! (no dove or bar soaps. A pH balancing wash is ideal.)
-wash your body after you shampoo and condition your hair. (conditioner can sit on shoulders and back acting as a barrier.)
- no lotion, deodorant, make-up, perfume or any product on the skin!
-remember your loose fitting clothing!
right after your appointment:
-relax and avoid moisture!!!! (activities that may cause excessive sweating, rain, lotion, or any products on skin)
12-16 hours after appointment:
-do a warm water rinse (shower without soap and use your hands to break-up the cosmetic bronzer on your skin)
-pat dry when getting out of the shower
- you may now use products! (remember to moisturize!!)
24 hours after appointment:
- you may now do a normal shower with a pH balancing soap!
7-10 days after appointment:
-minimize shaving
-avoid any exfoliation (scrubs, loofahs, facial cleansing devices, washcloths, etc.)
-moisturize! moisturize! moisturize!
-use a pH balancing cleanser
-enjoy your spray and book your next appointment!
- a spray has 2 different bronzers, a cosmetic bronzer and a delayed bronzer. immediately after getting your tan you will notice the cosmetic bronzer. the cosmetic bronzer is used as a guide color, this will wash away after your first rinse. the delayed/dha bronzer is what lasts over the 7-10 days. the dha will darken for up to 24 hours after your spray tan.  when you do your first rinse you will notice your cosmetic bronzer washing away but the dha will stay as long as you don't use soap.
-hydration is key for a great, long lasting spray tan. moisturize often and remember to drink water! being well hydrated and moisturized will not only make your spray last longer but it will wear off more evenly!
-soaps can play a big part in how a sprays looks and wears.  always use a pH balancing cleanser before and after your spray to ensure your skin is balanced to avoid discoloration.
-avoid swimming, baths, saunas, exfoliating and shaving as much as you can. it will not strip your spray but may decrease the life of your spray!
- if your spray is for a special event it should be the last thing to do. after nails, facials, massages, hair coloring, waxing and other beauty services you may be getting.
-Spray tans are safe and great for everyone to get a beautiful glow! perfect for prom, weddings, vacations, anniversary's or just because!